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Welcome to the Digital Television website. This website has been set up in order to provide answers to any questions about Digital Television you might have, and is full of links and resources on the subject. Freeview boxes are the newest format for viewing all of your favourite television shows, and because they are all digital, they make the experience a real treat. Traditionally television was broadcast via analogue signals, but now we are entering the age of the digital signal, and television will never be the same again. All broadcasts in the United Kingdom are soon due to switch over to the new digital signal, providing homes up and down the country with high resolution, better quality picture, and a greater choice of channels. Freeview boxes are used to convert the broadcast digital signals into analogue again so that they can be viewed on our televisions. Hence they are absolutely vital, and there will no doubt be one or more in every house soon enough.

All current terrestrial channels are now available on satellite and this often also resolves a problem if there is poor terrestrial reception in the flats. Most channels are English language but there are a number specifically broadcast for the Asian community.

These digital boxes give us all the chance to view our favourite programmes in stunning high-definition, and with more and more channels choosing to provide a high-definition picture, this will soon become the norm for television. What is more, thanks to the PVR capability of many new digital boxes, which come with a small hard drive installed, you need never miss your cherished favourites again. You simply set them to record a particular show once, or a whole series of a particular show, and then watch at your leisure. We are always keen to hear what you think about our Digital Television website.

This page contains information which you may find useful in running your station. If you are here because you are interested in setting up a station at your university, this article may be of use.

Nearly all satellite channels are by subscription and full details of channel packages are available from us directly or on this web site.

The world of television is progressing in leaps and bounds, and the forthcoming digital switchover has seen a dizzying array of digital set top boxes be released onto the market.


Such devices enable you to watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and where available, in stunning HD resolution. This revolution in technology means you can have cinema style viewing in your own home, and at your own convenience. We aim to provide a guide to all the different digital options available.


If you have any questions about Digital Television, get in touch with us and we will endeavour to answer them.



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